Thursday, 6 February 2014

Malifaux Plans for 2014

So, on to my second blog post. For this blog post I thought I would discuss my plans for Malifaux in 2014, from crews I wish to buy/paint/build, to learning how to use Vassal, attending tournaments and my desire to gain an in-depth understanding of one maybe two factions (well enough of those factions to be competitive at every strategy and scheme).

You may remember from my first blog post that I described myself as a bit of a “kid at Christmas” when it comes to Malifaux. When you see the list of masters/factions I want to purchase and paint this year you may ask “what exactly is he doing to change?” or “is he nuts?” Well, before I discuss that, lets’ get into the masters I want to have (pending Wyrd release schedule) by the end of the year:

  •        Guild: Lady J (O), Sonnia (O), Perdita (O) & Lucius
  •        Neverborn: Dreamer, Lynch (O) & Lucius
  •        Resurrectionists: Tara (O), Molly
  •        Outcasts: Tara (O)
  •        Arcanists: Marcus, Ironsides, Collette (O), Mei Feng (O) & Kaeris
  •        Gremlins: Somer (O), Ophelia (O), Wong (O), Brewmaster   
  •        Ten Thunders: Mei Feng (O), Brewmaster, Jacob Lynch (O) & Misaki (O)

(O) indicates that I already own that master (although, none of the crews are yet painted). Wow, that’s a lot of masters. It is not my intention to actually play with all of these masters this year, although I would like to get them all built and hopefully painted. When it comes to gaming, 2014 is the year of Neverborn and Arcanists for me (and I intend that 2015 will be the year of Guild and Gremlins). So, this means that I need to get Dreamer, Lucius, Marcus, Ironsides and Kaeris bought and built, and them, Lynch, Collette and Mei Feng painted. Still no mean feat. Then I need to get some games in; this leads me on to….

Gaming. Over the last two years I have played at most one game per week (in fact, in general, much less than that). This is something I really want to rectify in 2014, aiming for one game per week from the onset of ToMB; I am going to be attending a new gaming group which meets more regularly than my previous one, I am going to be seeking out a kind soul to give me a tutorial on Vassal (any volunteers?) and I am hoping to attend at least four tournaments this year, with a target that the sum of my tournament positions be at most forty. A lot to fit in, but I am optimistic.

So if I am hoping to achieve this, I had better get some experience with some masters. Now, as I said, this year is the year of Neverborn and Arcanists; so Dreamer, Lynch, Lucius, Marcus, Ironsides, Collette, Mei Feng and Kaeris. Wow, that is still a lot of masters. I had better focus a bit more for tournaments. Well, as Dreamer is awesome, I would like to include him in my shortlist,  Lynch and Lucius too. I think with those three masters I should be able to cover any scheme and strategy combinations I could face with Neverborn as my declared faction. That was easy; what about Arcanists? I have always had a soft spot for Marcus, so he is in. I think Collette and Kaeris would then round out the combination nicely.

Right, I think I have waffled on long enough, although it has been useful to focus my mind on my intentions for the year. Lets’ see how it goes.

As always, ciao for now.

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  1. I'd be happy to walk you through Vassal sometime if you'd like. You can ping me on Twitter @oldmanmyke or email, same as the twitter name at